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Adding a User

1. Go into the maintenance section of the system .
2. Click on the person's organisation unit in the 'people' section of the side menu.
3. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page .
4. On the New Person page fill in all the relevant details. The only mandatory fields are the first name and surname. You should also enter an email address so they can receive emails generated by the system. If you wish them to log in then you will also have to complete a login name and enter the required password twice. Ensure that the company/department is set to the person's 'home' company or department.
5. Give access to the nodes of the hierarchy in which the user will operate. To do this do the following for each:
6. Click on the node of the hierarchy.
7. Select the required role.
8. Click the 'OK' button.
9. Click the Submit button .
10. Notes
• If you wish the user to receive emails generated by the system then you must supply a properly formed SMTP email address in the appropriate field. The format of SMTP addresses used by your organisation may vary and if in doubt you should ask the administrators of your corporate email system for advice on the format to be used.
• If you do not complete the login & password fields then the user can be assigned risks, actions, etc, but he or she will not be able to log onto the system to amend them.
• Your RAP license may provide a category of user known as a Notification User. This is where a login is not defined (although email may still be sent if required).
• If you do enter a login & password, the password entered must conform to any password policies which have been set.

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