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Adding an Organisation Unit

1. Go into the maintenance section of the system .
2. Click a parent organisation unit in the organisation units section of the side menu .
3. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page .
4. Enter the Name.
5. If the new organisation unit is to contain risks/issues ensure that the Raise Risks tick box is ticked.
6. If the new organisation unit may have people assigned to it as their company/department, ensure that the Assign People tick box is ticked.
7. If the new organisation unit represents and external organisation, ensure that the Third Partytick box is ticked.
8. Make sure that the Parent pick-list represents the position in the hierarchy in which you want this organisation unit to appear.
9. All other fields are optional but you may enter other details if required. See details of the Organisation Unit Fields.
10. Click the Submit button .
11. Note
• A new organisation unit will automatically be accessible by all users who have access to its parent.

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