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Giving access to a User

1. Go into the maintenance section of the system .
2. Click on the person's organisation unit in the people section of the side menu .
3. Click on the name of the person in the list of people. This brings up the person maintenance page.
4. In the scrollable table at the bottom of the form click on the name of the organisation unit which you wish to give access to.
5. In the Role pick-list select the level of access you wish to give.
6. Click the OK button . The access list will be updated showing the new access level which will ripple down to any lower levels of the hierarchy.
7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for each area of the hierarchy you wish to give access to.
8. Click the Submit button.
9. Note
• Any access rights assigned will be inherited to all sub-organisational units unless they already have a higher permission level explicitly set.

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