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RAP can produce graphs showing the risk/issue profile trend over time by organisational unit.

  1. Go to the Reporting section of the site .  The default report page shown is for the risk register.

  2. Click on Graphs in the side menu  .

  3. Select the required Organisation Unit from the pick-list.

  4. Choose the From Date and the To Date from the Date Selection.  This defaults to covering the last 10 weeks.

  5. You may choose to filter by the organisation unit Grouping by selecting a group from the pick-list.

  6. Set the Graph Type.  The Line graph is the default and plots the number of risks and issues open over the given time period.  The Stacked Bar breaks the time period into slots and shows a bar for each; the bars are broken down by risk status.

  7. Click the Submit button .  After a short delay the report will open in a new browser window as an HTML document.

  8. You may now print the report using the page setup, print preview and print functions of your browser.

  9. When you have finished with the report click the close button  at the top right corner of the report window.

For each point in time, the table at the top of the screen shows the number of risks contributing to the overall risk score, the number of issues and the total risk score.

The graph pictorially represents the data displayed within the table.

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