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Getting a List of Risks

The first page you see when logging into the system is the 'Home' page which will default to showing a list of risks and issues on which you have a role.  This may be as author, owner or mitigator [Someone who is assigned an action on a risk/issue.].

Using the side menu you may also display a list of risks and issues for which you have responsibility or a risk and issue list for a specific organisation unit.

  1. Go to the Home page of the site .

  2. To get a list of risks/issues on which you have a role: Click on Personal List in the side menu .
    To get a list of risks/issues for which you are the manager:  Click on Responsibility in the side menu .
    To get a list of risks/issues for a specific organisation unit:  Click on the name of the organisation unit in the side menu.  If the organisation unit you require is not visible you will need to hover over it's parent until a lower level menu appears.  See side menu.  You may also select an organisation unit using the breadcrumb navigation at the top of an existing organisation unit risk list.

  3. There will then be a short delay while the system retrieves the requested risk/issue list which will appear in the main window.

  4. At the bottom of the page are some additional selection criteria which may be used to sort or filter the current list.

  5. The criteria includes a tick box under the heading Sub Orgs called Include.  This determines whether the list of risks/issues includes those from lower organisation units or just those explicitly assigned to the current organisation unit.  This is not applicable to the 'personal' or 'responsibility' lists.

  6. A text search facility is also provided that allows specific words or phrases to be identified.  This can be populated using the keywords pop-up which is accessed by clicking the small button at the end of the search box .  This list of keywords shown will be those applicable to the organisation unit selected.

  7. The pick-list beneath the text search box will be populated with the list of risk/issue owners applicable to the currently selected view.  Selecting an owner from this pick-list will restrict the risk/issue list to those owned by that person.

  8. If you make any changes to the selection criteria you must click the Apply button  to set the effect of the filtering. This allows for multiple changes to be made to the view before the data is retrieved from the server.


  • The menu of organisation units will be restricted to show only those nodes over which you have at least viewer access.

  • Each time you log on the selection criteria will be set to their initial values but will remember their new settings each time you change them.

  • The search facility acts on only those records identified by the current view settings. In order to search the entire database all records must be selected in the view including closed etc. where appropriate.

  • Only those records to which you have the necessary view security privileges will be searched or displayed.

Clicking the print link in the toolbar will display a quick risk register report based on the current organisation unit view and the filter applied to that view within the main risk list window. It is a shortcut method of creating a report which can be viewed on the screen and/or printed out to a printer

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