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Viewing a Risk

  1. Go to the Home page of the site .

  2. Select the organisation unit of the risk/issue from the side menu.

  3. Find the risk/issue in the risk list and click on it's title.  You may need to use the vertical scroll bars to see the whole list.

  4. The selected risk is then displayed in a tabbed page.  If you are the author or owner of the risk/issue or if you have co-ordinator or administrator access over the organisation unit, the risk/issue maintenance page will be displayed and you will be able to make changes.  See Reviewing a Risk.  Otherwise a read-only version of the page is displayed.  If you are the mitigator[Someone who is assigned an action on a risk/issue.] of any of the actions you will be able to edit your own actions but not those assigned to other people.

  5. Click on the Cancel button .



  • Each time a risk/issue is viewed an entry is placed in it's audit log.  This is to allow coordinators and/or administrators to check that a risk/issue is being reviewed on a regular basis even if it requires no adjustments.

  • Clicking the print link in the toolbar will display an individual risk report based on the current risk or issue.

  • There is a tick box on the Action Plan tab which allows completed actions to be shown or hidden from view.  This allows current actions to be seen more easily when the number of completed actions would cause a scroll bar to appear.  The default setting for this tick box depends on your overall system settings.

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