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Action List Report

The action list report allows you to generate a list of actions for a given set of criteria.

  1. Go to the Reporting section of the site .  The default report page shown is for the risk register.

  2. Click on Action List in the side menu .

  3. Select the required Report Type.

    • Personal.  Generates a list of actions which are assigned to you.

    • Responsibility.  Generates a list of actions for risks/issues assigned to organisation units for which you are the manager.  The functionality of this report requires that the organisation units within the business hierarchy have the appropriate managers identified within the system maintenance screens.

    • Organisation unit.  Generates a list of actions for risks/issues assigned to the specified organisation unit.

    • People.  Generates a list of actions for users assigned to the specified company/department.

  4. The sort order may be set to either 'Created Date', which sorts the actions in the order in which they were entered into the system, or 'Resolve By Date' which is the date by which the action should be completed.

  5. Choose the Output Format as either Standard (HTML) or Excel.  See Output Format Requirements.

  6. The criteria includes a tick box under the heading Sub Orgs called Include.  This determines whether the list of risks/issues includes those from lower organisation units or just those explicit assigned to the current organisation unit.  This is not applicable to the 'personal' or 'responsibility' lists.

  7. Finally, you can determine whether to include outstanding, overdue and/or completed actions.  Outstanding actions have not yet reached their 'resolve by' date and have not been marked as complete.  Overdue actions have passed their 'resolve by' date without being completed.

  8. Click the Submit button .  After a short delay the report will open in a new browser window as either an HTML document or an Excel spreadsheet, depending on what you requested.

  9. When you have finished with the report click the close button  at the top right corner of the report window.


  • The People option of the action list report shows all actions assigned to people within the specified company/department.  This list is restricted to only those risks/issues to which you have at least viewer access.

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