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Release Notes

Release 2.0

Company/department/project Dashboard

You are now able to select a dashboard which shows the position of a given company, department or project within your organisation hierarchy.

Improved Help

The first time you use the system you will be guided through what to do on each page through a series of prompts. Once you have used the system these prompts will be available by rolling over a field.

When clicking the help icon in the top left corner a new tab will be opened which includes a page of help relevant to the part of the system you are currently using.


The administrator now has access to a number of pages which allow them to configure the system. There is a settings page, a page which allows the text of each notification to be edited and a page which allows the colour scheme for the matrix to be set.

Security Enhancements

When the ‘complex passwords’ settings is enabled, passwords must now include at least one number, one uppercase character and one lower case character.

When changing a password you will now see a strength indicator immediately below the password field indicating how good the password is. You will also have to change your password to one which isn’t the same as any of your previous three passwords.

If you leave your screen inactive you will now get a warning message when the timeout is about to occur, giving you a chance to extend your session. If you ignore this warning and the timeout happens, your browser will automatically go to the login page.

Action Report for Delayed Actions

There is a new option for the action report which allows you to show those actions which have been delayed from their original resolution date.

Usage Report for an Individual

The usage report now allows you to select an individual user so that you can see the usage figures for just one person.

New User Notifications

When creating a new user the administrator no longer sets their password manually. Instead the system sends two notifications to the user; one welcomes them to RAP and tells them the email address to use when logging one, the other sends them a system generated password.

System Notifications

Administrators are now able to create system notifications, which are sent to users of the system. Each user will get a notification by way of an email which will also appear within their notifications in the website. Clicking on a system notification will take you to a page showing the details of the notification.

Configuration Option to Switch between Paging and Scrolling

There is a new configuration setting, accessible from the settings page, which allows the administrator to determine whether list pages are show one page at a time or if they are shown as one scrollable list.

Regardless of this setting a user may switch between paging and scrolling from each of the list pages themselves.

Order of Dashboard Panels May Be Configured

Another new configuration option allows the order of the dashboard panels to be determined. At present this is not available from the settings page so you will need to contact support if you require a different order.

Default Action and Control Owner to the Owner of the Risk/Issue

When creating an action or a control on a risk the owner will now default to the owner of the risk/issue.

Ability to Change Risk/Issue Owner is Now Configurable

It is now possible through a configuration setting to determine who may change the owner of a risk/issue. Previously the owner of the risk/issue could always pass it onto someone else but now you could set it so that, for instance, only a co-ordinator or above can change the owner.

Menus to Stay Open Once Clicked

When selecting an item from the left side menu the system previously displayed the requested result and showed the menu in its closed state. This could make navigation cumbersome when working through a set of sibling organisation units, for example. So the system now leaves the menu open at the position where the previous item was selected.

Risk Marked As 'Read-Only'

When viewing a risk to which you have 'viewer' access only, the words 'read-only' are now displayed after the risk title.

New Risk/Person/Org Unit Highlighted on List

Following the creation of a new risk, person or org unit you are returned to the appropriate list page. The system will now highlight the newly created item within this list.

Remove ‘Inactive’ From Org unit Pick-lists and Menus

Organisation units which had the ‘Raise risk’ tick-box cleared used to have the word ‘inactive’ in their title but this was proving misleading when an organisation unit was present in the hierarchy as a parent but wasn’t intended to have risks itself. The word ‘inactive’ has now been removed but organisation units which are not able to have risks will be greyed out in any pick-lists.

Co-ordinators Now Able to Update Employee List

You are now able to add, edit and delete users who are assigned to org units to which you have at least co-ordinator access. Previously you required administrator access.

Add Legend to Risk Register Report

The risk register report now has a legend to indicate what the various background colours mean.

Default the Current Score to the Original Score for New Risks/Issues

When raising a new risk/issue the current score (sometimes called the residual score) will automatically be set to the same as the original score (sometimes called the inherent score) but can easily be overridden.

Accept Only Notifications Should Be Accepted When Clicking On Them from the Header Icons

When clicking on a notification from an icon in the header bar, the notification will automatically be marked as read. This does not apply to notifications which have to be either accepted or rejected.

Risk, Issue and Action Notifications

Clicking on a notification, which relates to a risk, issue or action, from the notification list page will now take you to a page showing the detail of the notification. Clicking on a notification on the dashboard panel will continue to show the relevant risk, issue or action.

Increase the Size of Action and Control Description Columns on the Risk Register Report

The action and control description fields on the risk register report will now be wider to reflect the amount of text they may contain.

Show Original Resolution Date on an Action

The standard layout for the action report will now include the original resolution date for the action, making it easier to spot when an action’s date has been put back.

Notifications No Longer Created For Inactive Users

Notifications of any type will not now be created for users who are marked as inactive.

Improved Ability to Delete a Person from the System

Previously the system would prevent you from removing a person’s account if they were the author of a risk/issue or if they were mentioned in an audit entry. This is no longer the case and means that you will be able to remove an account by re-assigning any risks/issues that they own and changing the manager of any organisation units which they are responsible for.

Improved Browser Compatibility

Work has gone into improving the appearance of the website when using Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9.


  1. The login page timeout no longer shows an error if you try to login following a timeout.

  2. Risk titles truncated were shorter than they needed to be on the risk list page.

  3. Excel reports have no formatting information.

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