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RAP stands for Risk Assurance Platform and is provided by Viral Apps Ltd.  It  is a cloud subscription based business and project risk management system, designed to allow businesses to manage their overall risk exposure as part of their day to day activities. It can track any form of risk or associated action and assign responsibility for its ownership and mitigation to appropriate personnel. Being a cloud based application based on modern web application architectures and protocols,, it has been designed and can be accessed on any device with a web browser.  Third parties involved in business operations can also be included and their risk activities tracked

Using actions, risk mitigation activities can be tracked and reported, giving users, management teams and the company executive consolidated reports on the risk process within the company.

A key aspect of the system is that it attempts to rate risks and issues consistently across the entire organisation in terms of how they impact the business as a whole. Risk co-ordinators ensure that risk assessments remain balanced and proportionate.

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Basic Page Layout

Each page within the RAP system has a similar layout.  The screen will automatically re-size to take best advantage of the screen resolution in force on your monitor, thus allowing the maximum number of risks to be displayed at any one time.

Down the left-hand side is the main menu which contains the following options:

  • Dashboard - this will show you your personal dashboard.

  • Risk/Issue List - this will always take you back to the main page of the system which will display a list of risks/issues.  When you first log on this will be your personal list of risks/issues i.e. those on which you have a role.  Subsequently the list will show the last organisation unit you were working on. See Getting a list of risks.

  • Action List - takes you to a list of actions.  Initially this is a list of actions assigned to you but you can also use the page to show actions for risks/issues within specific organisation units.  See Getting a list of actions.

  • Reporting - takes you to a page which allows you to run the main risk register report.  The side menu will then show other reports available.  See Reports.

  • Raise - brings up a blank form for creating a risk or issue.  This button will only be visible if you have at least 'author' access somewhere within the hierarchy.  See Raising a Risk or Issue.

  • Maintenance - this button will only be visible if you have 'administrator' access somewhere within the hierarchy.  See the Administrator Guide.

Under the side menu are links which allow you to review the copyright notice and the system usage statement.

The header across the top contains the user menu at the far right which is accessed by clicking on the down arrow.  This allows access to the following functions:

  • Logout - logs you out of your session and takes you back to the log in page.  See Logging Out.

  • Print - this link will bring up the report applicable to the page currently being displayed.  See Reports.

  • My Details - shows your own login details, what access rights you currently have and allows you to change your password.  See Changing your password or Finding out what access rights you have.

The header also contains three icons which indicate the number of notifications you have which haven't been acknowledged.

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Basic Page Layout
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