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Total Risk Management

RAP enables you to create and manage complete risk mitigation plans, including defining the Controls needed in place and detailed Action Plans required to mitigate the risk. Spreadsheets can be removed and all your risks across the organisation will safely reside in one place - a single source of data,  This is all done in line with your risk appetite and governance frameworks and a comprehensive inbuilt reporting engine allows you to build and produce reports instantly and directly from the Application.

No Orphans

No Orphans

RAP is configured to require each risk or issue to have an owner within the business, even if there is a manual acceptance/agreement process in place. This ensures that during risk challenges or through regular internal reporting there is always a responsible, ultimate owner ensuring delivery of the mitigation plans.

Double Digit ROI 

To be effective risk awareness needs to pervade the entire organisation, driving a culture that challenges risk and encourages active risk mitigation. RAP supports this objective through a competitive pricing model that enables you to spread risk ownership across the entire business, allowing the organisation to effectively manage your risk appetite and concentrate on core business activities.

Double Digit ROI
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Rapid Deployment

RAP offers a standard cloud based solution that can be deployed quickly.

It can be easily configured to suit your specific organisational requirements and policies allowing you to start on the risk governance journey as quickly as possible.

Highly Configurable 

Some businesses want a relatively simple risk process which minimises the data being collected and managed for each risk. Others have regulatory or other external risk audit obligations which require a more complex approach to risk assessment and treatment. RAP can be configured to adopt many different approaches that can be adapted to suit your specific needs and we are here to help you achieve this with our support services team


ISO9001 & ISO31000

Your quality management system (QMS), based on ISO 9001 certification and compliance puts your customers at the heart of your business, ensuring you have robust practices in place to meet your customers’ expectations and deliver customer satisfaction. ISO 31000 provides direction on how companies can integrate risk-based decision making into an organisation’s governance, planning, management, reporting, policies, values and culture.  Understanding risks, mitigating their impact, and ensuring you have robust action plans in place are a key process to ensure that you can deliver that consistent customer experience, and that you have processes in place should an unforeseen event occur to minimise the effect on your business. Our RAP platform help you achieve this

Easy to Use

RAP has been built specifically to ensure “ease of use” is core to the product. RAP includes automatic notifications of key dates and deadlines, clear visualisation of risk logs and creation of routine reports. This allows  your users to concentrate on their business activities. We can provide all the resources and training required to drive value from your investment.

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