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Risk management & Covid-19

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how unprepared we are as companies, countries and people to manage the impacts of the smallest forms of life on this planet. As we adjust to life after the first wave of the Covid-19 disease, we need to take risk-based, data driven informed decisions as to how we will run our lives and operate our businesses to protect life and our economies.

Social distancing, personal hand hygiene, face masks and other images from the pandemic are going to be with us for months if not years to come, and now is the time to adjust your business to ensure everyone can work and live safely in our communities.

As you work through your processes, buildings, teams, supply chain and supplier processes, use RAP to define the risks, assign ownership to individuals or teams, plan mitigation actions and targets and define & monitor ensuring controls that ensure you stay in line with the health guidelines. Use the pandemic as an opportunity to review ALL your business practices and keep improving them through regular multi-discipline reviews.

At the Risk Assurance Platform, we provide an easily accessible risk governance tool that is used by everyone in an organisation to ensure risks are identified, tracked, mitigated and controlled using a simple to use central repository. Each business is unique and how you need to adapt your workplace and its practices will be different for everyone, but RAP ensures a single “live” repository is available 24×7 to everyone to ensure visibility of risk across the organisation. Use this tool to drive a risk based approach through your business and identify the hot-spots that need action quickly to protect the business and its workforce.

Take some time to see how RAP can transform your business and give confidence to your employees that you take the risks seriously…

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