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As well as providing a leading risk governance toolkit, we can also provide a number of ancillary services to ensure your risk policies and practices are working effectively for your business. We can provide experienced risk consultants and senior programme directors to undertake risk audits on behalf of your executive board, and provide an independent assurance of the effectiveness of your internal risk practice.

From short, project focussed assurance reviews through to full programme audit services that report at agreed milestones throughout a larger programme of work. We have the experience to ensure appropriate practices are in place to provide the appropriate focus on risk governance. For a full discussion on the approach we take for this service please contact us.



Embedding a risk culture can be tricky to get right.  Getting the policies right means that risk management will not be seen as an optional activity, but neither will it drop off the radar either, by valuing the contributions your people make to identifying and managing your business risks.

RAP consultants can work with you to develop and build policies that are appropriate to your business, taking into account your business size and sector and recognising any regulatory or legal obligations you need to address.



Apart from an intuitive interface, there is an on-line help and support platform that provides answers to a lot of questions, plus easy access to a support team that can help with more complex questions.

From a user’s perspective, RAP is designed to be very easy to use, with little or no formal training, although we find that a short introductory session is useful to help explain why risk management is needed within the business and how easy RAP will fit into the daily routine. Risk co-ordinators will find additional training useful to understand how risks are aggregated or “bubbled up” through the corporate hierarchy, and how to use the reporting tools to ensure risk data is embedded within the organisation and has the appropriate board level focus applied.

System administration of RAP is also very intuitive, but a short session that explains the benefits of creating a structural map of the business within RAP and how to position risks within that structural hierarchy will bring benefits to all users as they can then easily see risks and mitigation plans within their section of the business in a clear, concise dashboard.



If you are deploying risk governance for the first time, or are simply reinvigorating your existing governance processes, RAP consultants are on-hand to review your policies and processes and advise on best practice approaches to manage risk, balance risks against your corporate appetite and embed a risk culture within your workforce.

If you use subcontractors or third parties who regularly undertake work on your behalf, or who represent your corporate reputation to customers, we can help you ensure that you have visibility of their risk processes and management by using RAP. 



If you are looking to use RAP in a project or programme or works and would like an experienced project manager or programme director to lead this for you, we can help. By turning up with a full toolkit of delivery processes, tools and with excellent support resources, we can help your project get started on the right foot. We will bundle RAP into the managers’ toolkit and ensure risk governance is of the highest calibre.

And if you like RAP and the risk processes it brings, we can easily extend these to the rest of your organisation and provide you with the full RAP support capability. You can then focus on your core business objectives knowing that the benefits of risk management are appreciated within the business.

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