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Maintaining an Organisation Unit

1. Go into the maintenance section of the system .
2. Click a parent organisation unit in the organisation units section of the side menu .
3. Find the organisation unit in the list and click on the name of the organisation unit. You may need to use the scroll bars if it is a long list. The organisation unit maintenance page will then be displayed.
4. Amend the required details.
5. Click the Submit button .
6. Notes
• If you change the 'Raise Risks' tick box you will be asked if you wish the change to be cascaded down through the organisation unit hierarchy.
• If you set the 'Third Party' tick box any lower organisation units will also be marked as third party. If you clear the tick box the system will ask if you want to clear the tick box for all lower organisation units.
• Changes to keywords will not be reflected in any risks/issues which are using them.
• Any keywords which are removed from an organisation unit may remain on risks/issues which were raised against it until the risks/issues are next reviewed.

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