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MI Report

A simple summary report which details the numbers of risks/issues in each state broken down by organisation unit.  It also shows average risk scores and numbers of actions open, completed or which are overdue.

  1. Go to the Reporting section of the site .  The default report page shown is for the risk register.

  2. Click on MI Report in the side menu .

  3. Select the required Organisation Unit from the pick-list.

  4. Choose the Output Format as either Standard (HTML) or Excel.  See Output Format Requirements.

  5. Set the To Date.  This defaults to the current month.

  6. The Restrictions box allows you to determine how many levels of the hierarchy the report should go down.  If you leave this un-ticked the report will show the entire hierarchy below the organisation unit selected in step 3.

  7. Click the Submit button .  After a short delay the report will open in a new browser window as an HTML document.

  8. If you chose an HTML document you will need to use the page setup, print preview and printfunctions of your browser.

  9. If you chose an Excel spreadsheet you may now use the functionality of Excel to reformat and print the report as required.

  10. When you have finished with the report click the close button  at the top right corner of the report window.

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