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Adding Controls

A control is a procedure or process put in place to manage or to mitigate the risk/issue.  Each control may be assessed according to whether it has yet been implemented, it is in place but not been subject to suitable assurance activity or it is fully in place and tested on an on-going basis.

Multiple controls can be raised against a risk and these can be assessed independently.

  1. Select the organisation unit of the risk/issue from the side menu.

  2. Find the risk/issue in the risk list and click on it's title.  You may need to use the vertical scroll bars to see the whole list.

  3. When the risk maintenance page appears click on the Controls tab .

  4. Click on the Create Control button .

  5. Enter the Control Description which defines the control which is already in place or is due to be put in place.

  6. Click the radio control to indicate your Assessment of the control.

  7. Click the OK button .

  8. Repeat steps 5 to 8 for each control you wish to add.

  9. Click the Submit button 

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