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Creating an Action Plan

Actions are processes or activities put in place to mitigate the risk to an acceptable level to the business. Each action has an owner who is responsible for carrying out the action by the date specified within the action detail record.

Multiple actions can be raised against a risk and these can be open or closed as required.  It is not necessary to complete one action before another can be raised.

  1. Go to the Home page of the site .

  2. Select the organisation unit of the risk/issue from the side menu.

  3. Find the risk/issue in the risk list and click on it's title.  You may need to use the vertical scroll bars to see the whole list.

  4. When the risk maintenance page appears click on the Action Plan tab .

  5. Click on the Create Action button .

  6. The Date will automatically be set to today's date.  Enter the description which defines the action being undertaken in the Action or Resolution box.

  7. Select the mitigator Someone who is assigned an action on a risk/issue. from the Action By pick-list.

  8. Use the three Resolve By Date pick-lists to enter the day, month and year by which the action is expected to be completed.

  9. Click the OK button .

  10. Repeat steps 5 to 9 for each action you wish to create.

  11. Click the Submit button .


  • An action may only be assigned to someone who has at least viewer access over the risk's organisation unit.

  • An action owner can view the actions against any risk assigned to him from his personal list on the main risk management screen. He can mark the action as complete by clicking on the Action Plan tab in the risk detail screen and then selecting the action he wishes to complete. The dialog box which details the action has a Completed tick box at the bottom and pressing submit will write these details back to the database.

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